Artesia Science Center

History of ASC Artesia

Founded in 1955, the Agricultural Science Center at Artesia focuses on the research needs and agriculture interests of the Pecos River Valley. Approximately 75 acres are currently under cultivation, using sprinkler, drip and gated pipe irrigation systems supplied by an Artesian well.

2016 Field Day

Thursday, Sept 8

  • Registration begins at 4 p.m.
  • There will be exhibits, guest speakers, an Insect Safari for kids and tours of ongoing research projects.
  • Dinner will be provided by the Yucca Cowbelles.
  • For more information contact the office at 575-748-1228

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Artesia Science Center
67 E. Four Dinkus Rd
Artesia, N.M. 88210
Phone: (575) 748-1228
Fax: (575) 748-1229

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