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Howard Stroup Scholarship Application

The Howard R. Stroup Scholarship will provide $500 tuition at New Mexico State University, for two consecutive semesters during the recipient’s freshman year.

Mr. Howard R. Stroup was a very active participant in the establishment and development of New Mexico State University’s Agriculture Science Center at Artesia. Howard was “the farmer” in the original group that got the station started. He provided the know-how for land leveling, the establishment of irrigation systems, and the acquisition of farm machinery. In recognition of Mr. Stoup’s efforts and services to the science center, this scholarship is presented annually to a freshman student majoring in any field of study involving agriculture or home economics, such as agronomy, horticulture, entomology, plant pathology, wildlife management, forestry, genetic engineering, experimental statistics, hotel/motel management, fashion design or human nutrition.

2021 Howard Stroup Scholarship Application

We are still offering this scholarship and the criteria is the same, but we will no longer be accepting applications at : Artesia Ag Science Center, 67 E Four Dinkus Rd, Artesia NM, 88210.

You can send students to this website after they have been accepted into NMSU: Scholarships.

For your students: This single application allows you to be considered for all NMSU scholarships, so the more questions you answer the better your odds are for scholarship eligibility. This application is available to all potential and current students regardless of campus. If you are a high school student attending NMSU through dual credit, early college or vocational admission, you must re-apply for admission as a regular student before applying for scholarships so you have the correct academic profile.

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